Monday, May 4, 2009

My baby girl

I went in on Wed (4/29) for my regular OB appt and told the doctor about the contractions I had been having. She asked me if I wanted her to check me and I said yes. When she checked, I was 1 cm 50% and at -3 station. She told me she wanted me to go over to the Naval hosptial to be monitored because I was still having contractions. DH, DD, and I arrived at about 11:30am and I got hooked up. My contractions became very regular and they started to really hurt. The doctor checked me and found that I was 1-2 cm. I stayed hooked up for about 3 more hours while they monitored my contractions. They also placed an IV to help me stay hydrated. At about 2:30pm, the doctor checked me again and found that I was at a solid 3 cm. Since the navy hospital here doesn't have a NICU, they decided to transport me over to a hosptial nearby with an excellent NICU. I was transported by ambulance, while still having contractions every 3-5 minutes. When I got to Shands, they checked me again and found that I was 4 cm 50% and at -2 station. I was admitted to L&D where they kept me on the monitors until 4 am the following morning. I stopped dilating at 4 cm, thankfully, but was still having regular and painful contractions until some time in the middle of the night. They did give me some Stadol to help me sleep, which is WONDERFUL!!!! :lol Since I had stopped progressing and the contractions pretty much went away, they moved me to a different room for observation for the day. I was discharged at about 9pm on Thurs (4/30) on bed rest atleast until I am 36 weeks. They did do an ultrasound at Shands and estimated baby girls weight to be between 5-6 lbs thankfully. She needs to stay in atleast another 2 weeks!!!